Sports infrastructure plan for Flanders

Together with KULeuven and the Mulier Institute in Utrecht, wes research & strategy is carrying out a study to identify the needs of sports infrastructure in Flanders, commissioned by the sports department of the Flemish Government.

The main objective is to stimulate and encourage the Flemish to take up sport, by offering high quality indoor and outdoor sports facilities spread across Flanders.

The requested study includes the drawing up of a global sports infrastructure plan in order to achieve this fundamental objective, and as part of the implementation of the general policy note of the Flemish Minister for Sport. The study focuses on four key questions. First the available offer of sports infrastructure in Flanders has to be identified. Then the evolution of the demand for sports infrastructure has to be examined, taking into account trends such as aging, change in sports behaviour and other important social trends, followed by a comparison between supply and demand. Are there any needs? Is there a shortage or surplus and for which type of sport?

Based on these findings, a strategic plan will be elaborated focusing on the development of sports infrastructure and the formulation of a series of concrete recommendations. This plan will provide the framework for targeted long-term investments for new infrastructure at local and supra-local level (including top-class sport), with special attention for supra-local sports infrastructures and recommendations to optimize the use of existing sports infrastructure.

For more information, contact Pascal Steeland via or on +32 50 36 71 47.

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