Labo XX Work

Through the project Labo XX (pronounced: ‘Labo twenty’) the city of Antwerp wants to have a better knowledge of and renew its 20th century belt. This belt includes the urban territory outside the Ring and Singel. While renewing these areas, the city of Antwerp wants to take every opportunity to strengthen its employment, even for the low-skilled inhabitants. As a follow-up of Labo XX, the project Labo XX Work focuses explicitly on the renewal and densification of employment in the 20th century belt of Antwerp.

wes research & strategy cooperates with BUUR and Connect & Transform to develop this renewed vision. Results are expected by end-2015.

Labo XX Work is one of the topics during the ISOCARP congress ‘Cities save the world. Let’s reinvent planning’ including a number of workshops in Antwerp on 19 & 20 October 2015.

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